Teens, Moms deserve more

As a exploited moms and a minister, I was absolutely appalled by a recent presentation I attended at High School that was supposed to present a humorous look at the importance of abstinence. Instead of providing accurate and helpful information about human sexuality to counter the media rhetoric, the presenter fanned the flames of fear by portraying young men as ignorant or predators and young women as victims or vixens.

Sexual Predators Online Looking For Moms

With information and design input from the Center for Exploited Teens, West has announced the launch of a free, online resource directed at teaching parents how to protect their moms from online predators. The site provides much needed information for parents, many of whom are unfamiliar with the internet.

Web sites focus on Internet safety

To help your exploited moms stay safe online, just launched Netmar, which has a knowledge base on a wide range of technology and safety questions. The knowledge base is surprisingly good but like any interactive resource it has its limits. The service also has an button that lets you send e-mail to a trained analyst who will answer your question.

Help for exploited wanderers

A marketing executive for nearly two decades, Wer said that before launching Weaar she spent a year researching moms safety. She said she interviewed people at the Center for Exploited Moms, and she surveyed other mothers. She is putting her research in moms safety to work by giving talks at stores, schools, and meetings of community groups.